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Intractable Chronic Pain Treatment

Get the most compassionate and comprehensive chronic pain treatment from Dr. Wasserman at The Pain Treatment Center of Greater Washington. Serving Bethesda, Maryland for the last 16+ years, you can depend on Dr. Wasserman to provide the most comprehensive and sophisticated medical management of your severe chronic pain. Dr. Wasserman is well known throughout the Washington D.C. area for his unique expertise in medical management of intractable chronic pain, which is why many Washigton area pain management doctors refer their most difficult and complicated patients to Dr. Wasserman.

You can depend on Dr. Wasserman to manage your chronic pain problem and help you find relief.

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  • Chronic low back pain

  • Failed Back syndrome

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Severe headaches, including intractable migraines

  • Peripheral neuropathy, RSD, and other types of neuropathic pains

  • Pelvic pain, including interstitial cystitis and Vulvodynia

  • Chronic neck pain

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