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Contact Dr. Justin Wasserman at the Pain Treatment Center of Greater Washington in Bethesda, MD for comprehensive pain management and opioid addiction treatment.

I have been seeing Dr. Justin Wasserman for over 10 years for severe Chronic Pain. When I first came to him I was pretty much bed ridden and had already been to the NRH, Spine Center, and others. Dr. Wasserman took the time to get the right combination of drugs for a treatment that has greatly improved my quality of life. He is very thorough and an expert on pharmacology. He will fight for you to get approval if necessary. Dr. Wasserman truly cares about his patients and keeps up to date with the latest treatments available. I believe he is one of the best Pain Management Specialist in the U.S.

--Elizabeth A.




He saved my life. He is a wonderful and caring doctor. he was he first doctor I went to when I moved to Maryland. he cured me of all my pain, got my medication under control, and I don't know what I would do with out him.

--Joy G.


I have seen Dr Wasserman for fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue for over 10 years. He is an expert in pharmacology and through a carefully worked out combination of medications, has helped me manage my symptoms sufficiently so that I can work full time and stay active with my family. He is  very careful in prescribing medication: he recommended therapies like sleep apnea control and yoga before moving to medication.  Because he stays current with research literature, he can recommend new medications as they emerge. He pays close attention to my feedback and has worked with me in adapting treatment to my particular needs and sensitivities.

--Melissa H.



Dr. Wasserman helped me greatly with my nerve pain. My neuropathy in my hands and feet was very painful, and I struggled with this condition for two years after a medical procedure. When I consulted Dr. Wasserman, he was able to prescribe an efficacious medication at the lowest dosage possible. My pain has greatly diminished, and I now am able to live a more comfortable life. I'm so grateful to Dr. Wasserman!

--Sabina J.


I have been a patient of Dr Wasserman for several years. I can truly say he is the best in his field. He takes time with each patient and listens to their concerns. If you are looking for a compassionate caring Dr he is it!!

--Elaine H.


This Doctor is by far the best in the area,  the east coast,  and probably the country. He has studied and lectured on countless meds and treatments, and knows them all dose for dose. He can take a complex medical case,  break down the pieces,  and find ways to put those pieces together in so many different ways. He always has ideas and strategies. He's very strait forward, and he will tell it like it is. He has a great heart,  and will encourage you,  challenge you,  and fight for you. And when the right strategy comes along and works,  he gets so excited and has the greatest smile!  

He knows his stuff, ten times over. He is one of those people who you can tell is very passionate about their job,  and genuinely wants to help people. And in a country with ever escalating red tape snares about medications,  he manages to get through all of that and still see you as a human being.  (Unlike one doctor I had who just kept flipping prescriptions at me and couldn't care less.)

There is one other very,  very,  very important person I have to mention here. Denise. Denise is an angel, she mans the front desk and does the job of five people,  all with a caring smile. If you need her help,  she makes you a priority and helps you. She helps Dr Wasserman get through the red tape of insurance issues and keeps the office calm. She is always happy to talk and ask how you're doing,  and she's such a fun and unique person! I absolutely love her. She has helped me and saved me and gotten me through insurance snares and problems like a pro.

Together,  Dr. Wasserman and Denise helped me get my life back. They constantly support and encourage me,  and help push me to be the best I can be. I can't imagine where I'd be today without that dynamic duo. If you have a complicated medical history,  or even is simple one,  go visit him and get his take on things. He is full of ingenious surprises!

--Katie S.


Dr Justin Wasserman in Bethesda, MD is the doctor you need if you are a chronic pain sufferer. While he may seem brusque or non-attentive, he is listening to you while he is entering very detailed medical information. He has been my doctor for 7+ years and I can say that he has been there to help me manage my pain from the first day I saw him. I have lived with chronic pain and many other health issues for 25+ years now and Dr Wasserman has been able to help where others have failed, or when my other doctors retired. If you want his help then you have to help him too by being brutally honest with him about all of your medical problems and symptoms and the reason you are there to see him.

I am a liver transplant recipient that had many severe complications post-transplant and have had many other health issues over the span of my life, many of which I will have to deal with every day for the rest of my life. Dr Wasserman has been a great help with all of them by listening and giving me information on current practices and treatments, even for health problems outside of my pain. Many of the other health problems I have cause my chronic pain to flair and when my pain flairs it tends to just worsen my other conditions. He has been able to balance my medications to help me better control my pain given the numerous complications that I present.

Dr Wasserman is a physician that works closely with the DEA every day to make sure his patients are provided access to the medications they need to properly manage their conditions. He is intimately knowledgeable concerning DEA regulations and knows how to work with them to make sure that his patients are getting the treatment they need.

Dr Wasserman is continually seeking out and getting education on new procedures and medications to be certain he is providing his patients with the best and most effective treatment possible. He also gives many presentations each year to other doctors on his findings and methods of treatment. This along with his almost 20 years of experience in the field make him one of the top physicians in the field of pain.

If you are looking to score medications to help you with an addiction or to turn around and sell, then he is definitely NOT the doctor for you. He will see through your act immediately. But if you do need someone to help you get off of pain medications or other drugs that you are truly addicted to, and are not being properly used to manage true chronic pain, Dr Wasserman is definitely who you need on your side. He is a true Addictionologist and has the caring and experience to help you get your life back.

Dr Wasserman is dedicated to helping those who really want to be in control of their lives and managing their chronic pain, and their general health. It is not about being able to remove the pain 100% and still being able to function, that just not possible at this time, it is about being able to manage chronic pain to a level that lets you live your life without the pain keeping you from doing the things in life that you love and are meaningful.

He encourages me to talk to him about all of my other health problems, and he does listen, and is more than willing to give me advice concerning them even though he is not my primary physician for those issues. However, he also makes sure to consider other health problems when evaluating my chronic pain and the proper treatment of it. He makes sure that the pain medications are the right ones for me to be taking, and of the proper dosage and that they will not cause problems with all of my other medications. Everyone is different so the medications I take may not be the right ones for you. He does not take the cookie cutter approach. Each patient's treatment is prescribed for his or her unique requirements and not one size fits all.

Denise, Dr Wasserman's office manager, is a godsend. She is one of the nicest and most helpful people I know and will go out of her way each and every time to help me, and others, with whatever is needed. She is always there to help me when I need information from, or to pass along information to, Dr Wasserman that does not need his immediate attention. But she is also always there for me if I ever need to talk to Dr Wasserman immediately. His patients also always have his personal cell phone to call if needed. And he does respond to it immediately.

Others complain about the high cost of visits to Dr Wasserman. He is one of the top physicians in his field and you cannot put a price on his expertise. When I spread the total cost of his services out over a year, his fees are not out of line with other doctors who do not have nearly the experience or respect that Dr Wasserman has.

Dr Wasserman does not accept everyone that comes through the door into his practice. He has to feel that the patient is going to take their condition seriously and be proactive in its management and not just someone to be there to get a prescription every month.

--Patrice D.

Extremely supportive and very knowledgeable and thorough when discussing new treatments.  I have always felt comfortable discussing my concerns and asking questions. He is very strict on medications, but that is because he wants to keep his patients safe and healthy. He provides info to voice mail and his personal cell phone in case of emergencies or needing to speak with him right away.  He has even called me from overseas if he gets a voice mail. I am where I am today, thanks to him.

--Ann R.

Dr Wasserman is a brilliant clinician w/an encyopedic knowledge of.phatmacology. He is current on new treatments & medications. He got me through 2 brain surgeries & cancer. He got me off years of medications & I have my brain, energy, & my realationships have never been better. Im no longer a slave to those medications. He genuinely cares about his patients & does everything he can to make their life better. Im grateful for the time he spends listening & working to give me the best quality of life. I havent felt this good for at least 12 years. He truly knows how pain effects  lives & relationships. Hes a real healer. He will work with you to get ur life together & pain under control. Thank you, Doc!

-Kate M.



Dr. Justin Wasserman helped me to deal with chronic back pain.I was taking strong addictive medications for several years and

had two back surgeries.  Nothing helped and the pain was unbearable. Dr. Wasserman was very honest and direct in letting me know that he

could not stop the pain I experienced completely however, he could help me to find a place where the level was bearable in order to live a fuller life.  He did it, I haven't had pain pills for my back now for about a year and a half. I found Dr. Wasserman easy to talk to, compassionate, and he took time to be present to me.  In my experience, this is a very unusual quality in the medical field.

-Caroline D.



I have experienced miracles in my life since I began to see Dr. Wasserman about 18 months ago. Having seen other pain physicians in CT and DE prior to moving to MD. I called several doctors and researched those I could but no one came close to being as welcoming as Denise, who keeps everything running smoothly at the practice. I went to my initial appointment expecting the same treatment protocol I had been given by my previous docs. However, Dr. Wasserman took his time and did the most complete history and exam I had by ANY doc . He was thoughtful, extremely bright and well read, kind and reassuring. Over the next several months he completely changed the medications  I had been on for 10 years since developing Lyme disease that went misdiagnosed for 5 yrs, fibromyalgia, degenerative disk disease, and chronic fatigue. What happened as a result is that my pain was managed 100% better and I became clearer in my thinking ...a lot more like the "old me." My family thinks that he's a true hero and if it was possible, my mother would commission a statue of him! (True story!)

-Ann C.



Dr. Wasserman has literally been a miracle in my life.  I had seen countless doctors over a 15 year period for my chronic daily headaches and what were then daily migraines.  Dr. Wasserman was the only doctor to diagnose the true cause of my pain, and after seeing him, I can now live a comfortable life again.


Dr. Wasserman has gone out of his way to help me on numerous occasions.  He is the smartest doctor I've ever met, as well as being kind-hearted to me at every appointment I have with him.  I highly recommend his practice to everyone dealing with intractable pain, and can't say enough positive about him.  He's a true healer.

-Jeffrey S.



Dr. Wasserman's combined attributes of empathy and expertise continues to help me to reframe and refresh my ability to live with continuous pain. His consist questions and discussions of my pain give me strength and courage to continue with an adaptive lifestyle. He and his staff demonstrate consistent professionalism, integrity and graciousness. In addition, his listening skills are the underlying ability to accomplish effective treatment. This is the doctor you want for chronic pain.

-Jill M.



Dr. Wasserman saved my life, literally. It is not uncommon for people with severe chronic pain syndromes to contemplate or actually commit suicide, and suicide was heavy on my mind when I met him. I have a very complicated set of syndromes, and over the years he has worked with me to gradually reduce their impact on my life so that now I can lead a practically normal life. I had a spinal fusion when I was 17 years old, back in the early 1970s, and the operation was poorly done and caused me a great amount of pain throughout my life. This low back pain was joined by a neck injury, very severe, that went undiagnosed for three years before I got it treated. I had to have it fused, but because I had waited so long before surgery, a pain syndrome related to my neck set in, and I was in very big trouble. I went to doctors and clinics one after the other, and none of them could do anything for me. Dr. Wasserman is the doctor of last resort for most of us that find our way into his office. Unlike many pain clinics, he will not prescribe Oxycontin, Oxycodone, morphine, or any of the staples that have contributed to our opiate epidemic. He's keeps himself on the leading-edge of pain medicine, and treats his patients with an alternative analgesic which is very effective at a low dosage.


He asked me to write this review because he has a number of addicts that find their way into his office. He is open to treating addicts, but most of them want to have oxycodone prescriptions, and they threaten to slam his status on the Internet by posting bad reviews. I am pleased to see that the reviews on Yelp are very positive, but if you are researching his office and you come across a bad review, 10 to 1 it is posted by a disappointed opiate addict.

-Helen S.



Dr. Wasserman has provided superb treatment for my severe, chronic pain for the past decade.  Because of Lyme disease, I have needed his help; my wife and I are grateful for Dr. Wasserman's care.

-Nicholas P.


After being frustrated by the innefective treatment of several pain management physicians, I was fortunate to have met Dr. Justin Wasserman, whom I have been seeing now for over ten years for chronic kidney pain. Dr. Wasserman is a good listener. He takes the time necessary to understand my symptoms in order to recommend an appropriate course of treatment. He is a very well-informed and caring professional who I highly recommend. Thanks to Dr. Wasserman my pain continues to be very much under control.

-Donna M