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By Dr. Justin Wasserman

By guest, Sep 2 2015 08:37PM

The first thing that you’ll notice when you enter The Pain Treatment Center of Greater Washington is the small family-run nature of the office. Unlike many pain management centers, which have almost a factory-like atmosphere, where patients are simply churned in-and-out as quickly as possible, Dr. Wasserman’s clinic is designed to give personalized one-on-one attention to every single patient.

Dr. Wasserman believes that the only way to effectively treat patients who have the complicated diagnosis of severe intractable chronic pain is to take as much time as necessary with every single patient in order to deliver the highest quality and standard of care possible. Chronic pain, by its very nature, is an extraordinarily complex disorder that has biomechanical, biochemical, genetic, psychosocial, and hormonal influences. As any patient with chronic pain will tell you, one’s entire life, and often the lives of one’s family members, is changed forever due to one’s diagnosis of chronic pain.

Having over 15 years of experience in treating nothing but severe chronic pain, Dr. Wasserman knows first-hand how chronic pain often affects one’s mood, anxiety level, ability to sleep soundly, weight control, overall function with activities of daily living, and, most importantly, quality of life. Dr. Wasserman knows that when treating any patient with chronic pain, a doctor cannot simply address just the pain. Rather, Dr. Wasserman treats the “whole patient”. Dr. Wasserman spends a tremendous amount of time dealing with the patient’s pain as well as the many issues which go hand-in-hand with chronic pain, including depression, anxiety, sleep disorder, and family dysfunction. Only with this “complete patient” approach can a patient with chronic pain become truly “healed”.

Many patients who have already received treatment from other medical offices that specialize in the treatment of chronic pain have experienced a situation in which each and every new pain management physician that they see wants to perform a new series of injection therapy. Indeed, many patients become very frustrated that they are strongly encouraged to undergo a series of interventional treatments that they know have already failed previously. Such unnecessary interventional treatments are expensive, potentially harmful, and highly unlikely to help chronic pain patients who have already failed previous series of such interventional treatments. As such, Dr. Wasserman WILL NOT encourage any such patient to undergo interventional treatments all over again.

Although Dr. Wasserman is board certified in both physical medicine and rehabilitation and pain medicine, with training in interventional pain management, Dr. Wasserman no longer performs interventional injection therapies because he has realized over the years that such treatments only rarely give long-term benefit for patients with intractable chronic pain. In the few cases where Dr. Wasserman does feel that a patient may benefit from such a procedure, he will refer such a patient to a doctor who specializes in interventional treatments, and who has performed hundreds, if not thousands, of such procedures.

Rather than performing unnecessary procedures, Dr. Wasserman takes a biopsychosocial approach in treating patients with chronic pain, which incorporates rational, intelligent, and prudent pharmacologically (i.e., drug)-based management of pain, behavioral and supportive psychotherapy when it is warranted, evidence -based complementary

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